Concatenate multiple quantity vectors or values. They must all be of the same type (i.e. you cannot combine e.g. a temperature and a mass value). The concatenated values will be scaled according to best_metric. Note that the regular `c()` operator automatically calls this function if the first argument is a quantity object.




quantities to concatenate


c_qty(qty(5, "g"), qty(c(10, 20), "mg")) # MediaChemToolsMass [mg]: 5000, 10, 20
#> <m (mass) in 'mg'[3]> #> [1] 5000 10 20
c(qty(5, "g"), qty(c(10, 20), "mg")) # same (shortcut for the above)
#> <m (mass) in 'mg'[3]> #> [1] 5000 10 20